techniques utiliser pour réussir son pari long terme

Which techniques to use for winning with your long-term betting?

Unlike the ordinary bet, long-term betting often requires many months and often years to grasp the outcomes when placing bets. Both frustrating and enjoyable at the same time, long-term betting has been attracting many people throughout the years. Though the odds of winning with this type of betting often remain complicated, it is actually not impossible to make significant gains. When gambling, you will need a great analytical mind but above all, a good knowledge of the sports environment as well as a solid handle of betting techniques. In this article, we will be explaining in detail the techniques you need to know for winning with long-term betting.

The Surebet technique: a safe bet

The « sure bet » is actually a sports betting technique that makes it possible to achieve winnings regardless of the outcome of the match. The idea is to play with the differences between the odds. That means that by having several accounts with different bookmakers, you will be able to gamble on every game’s outcome which seems the most likely to happen and thus, making significant gains without taking many risks.

Taking the Australian Open for example and with odds in favour of Federer, Nadal, Raonic and Dimitrov. With the Surebet technique, you would be able to place your main bet on the one who you think will be the winner while still betting on the other players in the finals according to their chances of winning and your own analysis.

Optimise your earnings with the Value bet

Sports betting is a never ending stream of problems with probabilities with the application of a game theory. In order to solve those problems, the bookmaker will use statistics, historical and sports data at hand as well as information about his clients’ betting habits. Just like the bookmaker, you will make your own analysis using your experiences with matches and the data that you have available to you. This way, you will figure out your own prognostics and check them against the bookmaker’s ones. You will achieve the Value bet with this comparison which means the bets whose probability has been under-estimated by the latter but that his clients think is a good bet.

Since this technique relies on a very subjective interpretation of the information and no mathematical logic whatsoever, you must use it very carefully.

Muster a broad sports knowledge

Just like its name shows, sports betting is primarily about sports. A good analysis with long-term betting must always be supported by an excellent knowledge and understanding of the sport and a solid experience of matches’ outcomes. In order to reach this level of sports education, you must actually strive to thoroughly keep up with the sports news and subscribe to channels such as Bein Sport which offers all kinds of programs that will keep you up to date with your sport’s knowledge. From now on, make Infosport+ or Eurosport your new favorite channel.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to take a look into the past and review the biggest sports events in order to better understand the trends of the time and how the winning odds have evolved throughout the competition.

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