What is a long-term betting?

pari long terme

As the name suggests, long-term bets are spread over a long period of time. They could be considered the opposite of live betting. Long-term bets are available for any kind of sports, whether it is football, tennis, basketball, ice-hockey, Formula 1 or winter sports.

Which kind of sport for long-term bets?

Bets are used for qualifications of EURO finals for example as well as the World Cup, the leagues, the Cup Games or any other tournaments. The classic long-term bet is designed for betting on the winner of a chosen competition. Consequently, we often talk about championship’s bets in football and other sports. You can, for example, place a bet on the winner of the German Bundesliga or the Premier League but also for tournaments such as the Champions League or the DFB Cup. A long-term bet in tennis, for example, would be to place a bet on a tournament’s winner for a Grand Slam like Wimbledon.

The function of long-term betting

This principle works in a similar way for all other sports: Who will be the Formula 1 World Champion? Who will win the World Cup in biathlon? The long-term bets are generally made before the start of the season or before the start of a championship or tournament as you will get the best odds that way. You can of course place bets throughout a competition. You could, for example, place a bet on the winner of a semi-final. You would then end up with only 4 players to choose from.

Remember: the bookmakers will react to the intermediate result and then adapt the odds accordingly. The profit calculation works as usual: the bets are multiplied by the betting odds.

What are the advantages and inconvenient of long-term bets?

Ideally, the long-term bets remain exciting throughout the whole season. You can get a considerable personal advantage by reading the statistics ahead and by keeping up with the news and information updates. You should also master the technique of comparing the odds because there can be fairly large differences between the odds with certain bookmakers.

The main drawback is the long period of time covered by the bet. It can also generate its share of uncertainties. With competitions spanning over several months., it is indeed quite possible for the athletes to get injured or eliminated from the competition for whatever reason. You must always be aware of that risk. Besides, the long-term bets may become irrelevant if you do not place your bet before the start of the season. If, for example, a certain football team is clearly at the top after 15 games, there is no sense in placing a bet for the championship because of the low odds. On the other hand, you can also go for low odds for an easy win.

Though, if you want to win money quickly, long-term bets are obviously not the wisest choice.

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