The top 4 operators for long-term betting

Even if they do not bring rapid returns, especially when competitions are spread over several months, the long-term bet brings excitement throughout the whole season. Actually, if after careful consideration you decide to try this type of bet, the only thing left to do is to find a bookmaker who offers the sports/events that you are interested in and who offers attractive odds for long-term bets.

To make your life easier, we have happily selected a few sites for you that are considered as references in the field.

1. The Russian bookmaker 1xbet

1xbet has established itself as the key player in the betting industry and you only need to see the ever growing number of gamblers worldwide to erase any doubts of its popularity. Among the numerous number of bets available, you have the long-term bets and they too, benefit from the very attractive odds from this Russian bookmaker. But aside from its impressive market coverage and its attractive odds, 1xbet has a lot more to offer just like its live streaming service for certain sports events. You will probably also appreciate its e-sport and virtual games section as well as its many innovations.

The main problem with this operator is getting access to it. It is actually impossible to get it from many countries because it does not hold a local license but only a (global) European one.

2. 22bet

If you wish to place bets with long-term betting and with high odds, 22bet is most probably one of the best option in your case. This bookmaker is also liked for the depth of its offer but for its nice welcome bonus too which, at the time of writing this article, represents 100 % of your first deposit and up to 122 euros. Obviously, the allocation and release of this bonus are subject to some conditions. Link to visit 22bet.

3. Pinnacle

A bookmaker of choice for professional gamblers in part because there are no limits for bets, Pinnacle needs no introduction in the world of online betting. Over the past twenty years, it has firmly established itself as one of the best in terms of attractive odds but for its professionalism as well. Totally trustworthy, this operator is also known for its wide range of offers which include long-term betting among many others.

To get the special offer from this Asian giant, you will need to use a betting broker.

4. Betfair

With Betfair, you will not only have access to the biggest betting exchange platform but also one of the biggest sports betting site in the world. There is a reason why gamblers flock to it wanting to get access to its variety of offers, including some from countries where its access is banned in theory. Betfair does not only cover several sports but it does offer a wide range of markets too. For example, you can place bets there with long-term betting and with attractive odds.

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