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What is a professional gambler?

By definition, a professional gambler relies on scientific knowledge, statistics and mathematics to place bets. Although they are professionals, these types of gamblers are well aware of the risks involved. They sometimes encounter losses but more often, they make profits. Where it be long-term or live betting, they cover all fronts!

    1. How to become a professional gambler?

While many gamble for fun, some people turn gambling into a career. These professionals spend their days in casinos to earn a living. Some of them take the job so seriously that they hold university degrees in betting:

  • If you have already considered becoming a professional gambler, it is possible. And for a successful career in sports betting, you must understand the ropes of the trade. As a matter of fact, learning the basics of a profitable bet is the best way to embark on a successful career. But as any winning gambler knows, you must continue to develop your knowledge and experience.

  • Contrary to popular belief, a career gambler is a person who considers sports betting like a profession. They are not addicts. As mentioned above, a professional gambler relies on scientific knowledge, statistics and mathematics for placing bets.

Professional gamblers: what type of players?

Professional gamblers should not be confused with:

  • Antisocial gamblers – they demonstrate antisocial behavior such as aggressiveness and compulsive betting including illegal betting.

  • Occasional gamblers – They play for fun just like most gamblers do.

  • Serious gamblers – Gambling is their main source of entertainment. Some people can control their betting, others become addicted. Some people are actually betting to escape feelings such as depression and loneliness.

  • Pathological players – they have no control whatsoever over their gambling habits and could gamble their entire wealth.

The key to a successful career as a professional gambler

Did you know? Sports betting is so popular that universities have integrated them in their courses. Not every gambler goes to university for a diploma but learning the scientific aspects is important for everyone.

Searching for information can be painfully tedious. Losing can make you emotional and impatience can end your career before making any profits. None of this will actually help your career. The only way to avoid making mistakes is to learn from the experts. Making some research, comparing the odds and using the tricks of the trade will help you develop your knowledge. And most importantly, learn to manage your funds and be perseverant.

To conclude, here is the story of Stu Ungar, one of the greatest poker player of all times. He won the World Series of Poker three times, once at the age of 27. ‘Stuey the kid’ has won and spent 30 million dollars throughout his life. He died at the age of 45 in a seedy motel in Las Vegas. Stuey is used as an edifying narrative throughout the world. The best in the world and a genius in all aspects, he lost it all because of his bad bankroll management. Stu was actually a poker player but his story can also be applied to sports gamblers. Not knowing how to manage your money can be an error and the end of a career. Regardless of your skills, learn how to manage your cash flow.

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